Jérôme M. W. GIPPET, PhD

Current address:
University of Lyon 1

43 Bd du 11 Novembre 1918
69622 Villeurbanne – France

E-mail: jgippet¨ [ at ] gmail.com



Ph. D. Evolution Ecosystems Microbiology Modeling (Université de Lyon, France).
“Patterns of distribution, human-mediated dispersal and intraspecific variations in urbanized landscapes: Responses of ants to urbanization” PDF
Lab: LEHNA, Ecology of natural and anthropized hydrosystems
Supervisors: Nathalie MONDY and Bernard KAUFMANN

M.Sc. Ecology, Microbial ecology, Evolution, specializing in Ecology, Evolution and Biometry, University of Lyon, France.

Second year:  “Secondary spread of the invasive ant Lasius neglectus in an urbanized landscape”
Advisor: Bernard Kaufmann.

First year: “Environmental factors shaping ants assemblages in an invasion context”
Advisor: Bernard Kaufmann.

Bachelor Biology of organisms and populations, University of Lyon, France.

“Myrmecochoric dispersal by Myrmica sabuleti of the endangered violet Viola hispida »
Advisor: Bernard Kaufmann

“Beneficial interactions between two invaders: the japanese knotweeds Fallopia spp and the invasive garden ant Lasius neglectus
Advisor: Bernard Kaufmann.


Technical and IT skills

Field techniques:

Sampling of ants with several protocols (e.g. direct search, baits, pitfalls) in urban and natural contexts
Ant supercolony’s area measurement

Lab skills:

Behavioral experiments (foraging behavior, aggressiveness in a supercolonial species)
Taxonomic identification of ants
Common garden experiments (rearing of Lasius niger gynes)
Myrmecochory experiments (Myrmica sabuleti, Viola hispida)

Molecular biology techniques:

DNA extraction (Chelex) and amplification (Cytochrome Oxydase I and microsatellites)
RNA extraction and Reverse transcription
RT qPCR (Heat Shock Protein genes)

IT skills:

Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS 10.1, QGIS, R)
Statistical analysis with R
Genetic data analysis (R adegenet, Structure, POPTREE2, seaview)
Programming (R, Python)
Illustration (R, Inkscape)


Supervision of students

Supervisor of Barthélémy Richoux (Master 1, University of Lyon 1) and Baptiste Bunouf (Master 1,  University of Lyon 1):
“Morphological variation among urban and rural populations of the urban tolerant ant Lasius niger

Supervisor of Django Maurel (Master 1, University of Angers), Jérémy Monsimet (Master 1, University of Rennes 1), Tommy Faure-Brac (Master 1, University of Grenoble) and Camille Blain (Master 1, University of Saint Etienne): “Impact of urbanization on ant colonies density”

Supervisor of Jordan Galli (Master 1, University of Montpellier 2) and Sylvestre Rivière (Master 1, University of Rennes 1): “Impact of urbanization on ant colonies density”


Teaching experience

Teaching assistant at the university of Lyon 1 (192h):
Animal biology
Behavioral ecology (M.Sc.)
Biodiversity conservation



Research project Grants (5000 €) from Complex systems institute (IXXI): “MoRIS: Modeling human-mediated secondary spread of invasive species”

Inter-Labs research funding (5000€) from FR41 (Bio Environnement Santé, Lyon): “HSP genes expression in urban and rural populations of the ant Lasius niger

Lab transversal funding (1700 €): “Eco-physiological and genetic variations among urban and rural conspecifics of the ant Lasius niger

Three years thesis grant (60,000 €), ED 341, Lyon. French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.


Complementary information


French (native language), English (professional working proficiency), Spanish (fluent)